Can your altcoin tracker do this?


Auto-import holdings from 6+ exchanges without linking to APIs or wallets. Export to CSV anytime.


Analyze stats against flexible base currencies. Instantly convert into 35+ crypto or fiat pairs.


Locate new & trending coins with intelligent market indicators and timely updates.


Get pump & dump alerts across an entire portfolio. Better time the market to lock in gains.


Beautiful visualizations include profit & loss, allocations, unrealized vs. realized profit, & more.

Your Crypto Spreadsheet. Simple. Dynamic. Flexible.

Tame volatility.
Trade wisely.

About Us

Why We Built This

This app was created out of frustration from a lack of tools available for planning crypto trades. We wanted something simple enough to log transactions with the minimal inputs, advanced enough to help analyze and maximize profits, yet flexible enough to adapt to any number of different workflows. Our mission is to help novice and veteran traders understand how much and when to buy and sell. Our vision constantly evolves as we test new improvements and acquire your feedback. Together we can achieve greater profits with less risk in this exciting new world of cryptocurrency trading.

Our Portfolio

65% Bitcoin
25% – Alt Coins Over $1B Mkt Cap
10% – Speculative Alt Coins

Team Members

Josh Thomas

Josh is a software designer and entrepreneur with degrees in Graphic Design and HCI. Some of his interests outside of crypto include traveling, real estate, sports, and helping people.

Lewis Thomas

Lewis is a software engineer with degrees in computer science and economics. When he’s not working with charitable organizations, you may find him winning professional billiard championships.

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by Dave on TrackACoin

It’s like a cross between Blockfolio and a spreadsheet, feature rich, and great at aggregating coin data. It works best on a desktop display, perfect for crypto trading.

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