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Crypto Calculation Tools

Precise crypto conversion are important. Back in the day we only had to convert BTC to USD. Emerging ERC20 tokens may only be listed on Ethereum markets. Many other coins are traded on multiple markets, which means keeping an eye on the pair trading at a discount will increase your profits. Understanding conversions will help you ensure buy / sell position sizes correspond with the same amount you are used to. A good trading plan will always specify certain entry and exit position sizes. Now it’s even easier to stick to your plan.

Built-in Crypto to USD Calculator

Check out the crypto to USD calculator built in to every coin you are tracking on the dashboard. Simply open up a buy or sell form as if you were going to record a transaction, but just fill in the total amount field. This instantly calculates the exact dollar amount of whatever market pairing you have the digital currency set to.

Crypto Calculator Tab

Since the fine folks at have already built an excellent calculator, we have integrated their tool within TrackACoin. This is a simple way to figure out any cross chain transaction. We like how they have every coin listed, which is over a thousand! Plus they have all major Fiat currencies for those of you who don’t always think in USD.

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If you are not currently a registered user of this platform, we invite you to get started today. It’s a great way to organize your crypto holdings and make educated trading decisions. Just don’t go spending all your profits in one place, ok? 😀


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