Create Crypto Portfolio Charts – altcoin allocations, profit & loss graphs, more

Create Crypto Currency Charts Quickly & Easily

Anyone can easily create portfolio crypto pie and bar charts

It’s so simple to create your own amazing charts. After registering, just add your coins and log some trades. It’s shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. Then after a few hours when you log in again, a navigational chart link will unlock, providing some amazing visualizations of your own crypto portfolio.

There are four main categories of charts. Each will give you a slightly different look at tracking your digital currency portfolio.

Total Coin Worth

This is the running total of what you could sell all your coins for at real-time prices. This is further broken down to show how much of your crypto net worth is made up of Bitcoin, the reserve digital crypto currency. Your alt coins make up the rest, also plotted on the chart. We like this line to be much lower than BTC.

When you log in the next day, you will also see your hour gain or loss that has happened over the last 24 hours. The longer you remain active on the site the more data you’ll be able to see, including rolling weekly and monthly ROI values.


How much bitcoin do you hold vs. altcoins? This chart shows how well you have diversified your crypto holdings. Or should we say, have mostly bitcoin and then a few speculative altcoin plays? We like to keep BTC well above the 50% mark. Either way it’s up to you. Just add your coins and input how much you have to see the chart visualize what percentage of each digital currency makes up your portfolio.

Here’s a look at our portfolio:

65% Bitcoin
25% – Alt Coins Over $1B Mkt Cap
10% – Speculative Alt Coins

Total Profit or Loss

This important indicator is also one of the hardest to understand. Your Profit / Loss is actually made up of two different values, called ‘unrealized’ and ‘realized’ profit. That’s right, there’s more than one type of profit!

Unrealized profit is the current value of your coins, minus the price you originally paid for them. For example say you bought one Bitcoin at $1000 before the huge run up. When it reached $5,000 a few months later, your unrealized profit would become $4,000.

Realized profit on the other hand is only accumulated when you make a sale. So if you sold a fraction of your holdings when it reached $5,000, those proceeds transfer from unrealized to realized profit. This is key since it can not not be taken away later when the price tanks, your profit is locked in

Coin Percentage Gain / Loss

Track how each of your coins grow (or shrink) your overall portfolio.  This uses the same percentage indicator found on the profit / loss column in the main dashboard view.

Depending on the amount of crypto you are tracking in your portfolio, yours could make for a very long scroll. But it looks way cooler like this, don’t you think? Just try not to have too many show up on the left side.  😉

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